Skagerak Frame Bowl 26
Skagerak Frame Bowl 26 Skagerak Frame Bowl 26 flip
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The ship’s hull or “skeleton” has inspired Skagerak Denmark to design two new bowl with a very elegant and ”see-through” design.

The bowls are called ”Frame” and the name refers to the ribs that create the ship’s hull and have a very characteristic, curved form. The ribs of a ship can look a little like open arms ready to receive the ship. A little like a bowl ready to receive its content. A “Frame” bowl is made of small teak trees, rising elegantly out from the bottom creating a beautiful light body.

The ribs does not only create a light and elegant bowl. The “see-through” design also means that the things put in the bowl get a fare more conspicuous and decorative role than in a traditional bowl.

The teak bowls are made by hand and therefore each bowl is individual and can have small variations in size and gap between the ribs.

Material: Teak

Dimensions: (Ø X H): 26 x 10

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Skagerak Frame Bowl 26
Skagerak Frame Bowl 26
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