We did it! January – see ya! Not one to wish my life away, so am reminding myself daily, technically it is still Winter…

We aren’t the type of shop to start displaying Spring or Easter this early. We are still firmly in cosy-mode.

Thought I would share what colours we will be showing off this quarter of the year:


It’s what we class as an ‘Earth’ colour. It’s rich and inviting and is easily slotted in alongside your grey or stone core colours. 

Pic: Linum Seatpad - Burgundy/Plum



It just doesn’t get boring! It’s also an ‘Earth’ colour and can go from the classic Mustard or to the really dirty yellow.

Pic: Project - Mill House, Bath - Broad Street Sofa in Yellow Pebble


Again, an absolute classic. We have a wall in Bath painted ‘Pompeian Red’ by Fired Earth and it is stunning. Mix with terrariums of plants, cacti and even pink!


Don’t be afraid of colour!

Emily x