The Salcombe Trading Company Ltd has acquired The Fox and Hounds Inn in Farleigh Wick.

The Salcombe branch (now running for nearly 20 years) will continue exactly as it always has, with almost the entire original crew, the Bath showroom will close its doors whilst the Somerset team undertake a very exciting new venture.

For the last few years the Directors of the Company have been transforming several properties both in Salcombe and Bath areas, featured several times in glossy National magazines as well as working with Channel 4 for Phil and Kirsty’s production team. They will continue to take commissions for returning clients as well as completing the development of a new build on a beautiful plot near Turleigh.

“We feel the retail climate is somewhat paralysed at the moment, and whilst our business is still thriving, we think it is the right thing to take a break from the high street in Bath and give our very diversely talented crew something to really get their teeth stuck in to”, states Director Michelle Sames. “We may well make the odd reappearance with a pop up, or at The Bath Christmas Market, and we’ll miss the face to face interaction of our beloved and loyal customers, but we’ll still be at the end of the phone, as always”.

Salcombe remains in full flow, open 363 days a year, and the online shop will be thoroughly updated and managed in-house within the next few weeks.

The restoration of the 17th Century property, renamed “The Fox” will take a year or so to complete and the Company hope to offer a selection of commercial, residential and retail openings.

“This is a huge investment for us as a family business”, states Emily Sames co-Director. I got married at Christmas and am delighted to be starting our family straight away. This project will allow me to continue to manage the day to day operations for Salcombe Trading as well as work on all our property development, whilst looking after my baby”.

Please continue to contact The Salcombe Trading Company via the website but do get your last-minute fix in the Bath showroom before July.

Andrew Eberlin