The Salcombe Crew

We have a wonderful crew on hand in our Salcombe store. Pop by and say hi when you are next visiting. Here are some fun facts about the crew given to us by other members of the crew…!



What is Pam’s nickname: “The Oracle” - she knows everything about every product. Or “Glam Pam”

Pam has been part of the crew since: 2000

Favourite saying: “Wash your mouth out!”

Fun fact about Pam: She once got taken out to dinner by David Suchet!

Favourite Product: Skagerak Fionia Stool in Oak



How do you best describe Ellis: “Our Christmas Elf in Bath and our Angel in Salcombe” - Anita

Fun fact about Ellis: Ellis is an incredible artist and produces stunning greetings cards which you can buy in the Salcombe store

Ellis’ weakness: Croissants

Favourite Product: Shell Lamp

Ellis has been part of the crew since: 2018



One word to describe Anita: “Flawless” - Ellis

Fun fact about Anita: She loves to cook. Anything from Mexican fajitas to courgette cake!

Favourite product: Anything Emma Bridgwater or from our Blacksmith Range

Anita has been part of the crew since: 2000

Anita’s Weakness: Chocolate! We find her secret stashes around the shop!



How would you describe Lucy? “The most energetic member of the team!” - Ellis

Favourite Product Range: Ekelund

Lucy’s Weakness: Nuts, cheese, chocolate and gin… what a combo!

Part of the crew since: 2016

Fun fact about Lucy: She loves to cycle through the French mountains or the Devonshire Coast